The Godly Pattern

 Day One

 "Morning Doc," announces Jim as he enters the lab.

"Jya jya jya. How's are you do'n," replies Doc with that whistling rasp in his speech that makes one think he is about to stand and dance to the beet of the proverbial drummer.

"Same as usual. Find it yet."

"Not yet, but soon."

Jim smiled that knowing smile parents give their child when the child thinks the answer to the meaning of life has been found, only to find reality a little further down the road. This ritualistic greeting, ritualistic for no other word can describe the pattern, had been going on for the twenty years that Jim had been working with Doc. Jim couldn't help but smile again when he imagined the lab assistants of Doc's previous thirty years with the National Genetics Exploration and Development doing a similar ritual at the start of each day.

Like any old man Doc loved to tell stories of the ages past and it befell Jim to listen to them all. Not that Jim cared one bit. Who would when your working with the only man to date who could claim greater gains in science then Einstein. Doc loved to tell Jim of how it was in the beginning when N.G.E.D. was jokingly called by the public,"No G.E.D. required". "In all fairness," Doc would remind Jim, "they couldn't understand what we where doing. Research into DNA was still new and our promises of longer lives, and cures to cancer were still a long way off." Doc was always willing to take up for his fellow man. At first Jim thought it was this love for his fellow man that lead Doc into the gene business. He was wrong. Rather quickly he found out the true reason why. Doc had only one love greeter then relating the old tales of the N.G.E.D. His search for God. See, Doc was a very religious man and yet he couldn't deny his findings in the lab. All his research proved the evolution of man from animals true. And still he couldn't deny the Bible. God created man from the earth not an ape. So after much thought and reflection on the problem Doc realized the answer was right there in front of him, in the beginning, in Genesis. "Doesn't it stand to reason," Doc would say, "that if God created Eve with DNA from Adam that Adam was created, or at least advanced, with a DNA sample of God. You see Jim. Apes evolved from dirt. Man was an ape until God gave him some new DNA. By the transitive property of equality man evolved form dirt and was created by God." So he pressed on searching for a single strand of DNA which no other plant or animal alive or dead could possibly have except man. This was the reason behind the fervor with which Doc accomplished his research. And, so it went that every morning Jim would ask Doc of his success and Doc would reply not yet, not yet.

Doc had one other belief which no one, supposedly not even Jim, knew. He believed that when he found this strand of DNA he would have the true name of God. Not in the form of the silly, clumsy writings of man. Rather in the pure patterned form that it should be. And with this pure name he would bring heaven to earth as the old ledgens told. You see Doc didn't only tell stories; he listed to them as well.




Day 2


Jim came in the front door and started the ritual again. And as usual Doc had his back to the door sitting in front of his desk working out his solution. Only Doc wasn't exactly sitting. Slumping is a better term. Jim strolled over to Doc, checked for vital signs, and grimly nodded. Doc was dead. But, leave it to Doc. He wasn't the type to go without a fight. Jim knew this from experience. Doc had been writing in his journal write before his death. A journal Jim wasn't supposed to know about. Though after twenty year there was little Jim didn't know about Doc. So as if he had all the time in the world Jim begin to read Doc's most private thoughts.


Entry 0


Today I start my search for God. With any luck I'll find him before my death. To those who follow me in the event of my failure I leave this daily journal in the hopes that you will continue my search. But this warning I leave. There are those who would find you and I insane if they knew the true purpose of the NGED. So this search must be kept secret. All technical information shall be found cross referenced in my log journal (L.J.).



Of course Doc couldn't leave these entries in standard english. While Doc loved his fellow man and would defend them at all cost he was realistic enough to know if a common man found the journal - it would surely be burned. So Doc wrote in a coded Latin which took Jim a while to decipher. That done it was no problem to continue reading. And so he did.


Entry 107


Almost had it today but some damned breed of a greek dog turned up positive with the sequence as well. Dogs are man's best friend. HA! (L.J. pg.345-51)



Journal 107 is a prime example of the majority of the

entries. All entries were referenced to his lab journal where he kept his notes on the research's daily progress. It wasn't for sometime that Doc placed any entry that showed the promise of the end to his search. And then his last entry.


Entry 18249


I make this entry knowing full well that I may not live to make another. By now Jim you must have found and read the entire journal. Not that it matters for whither I live or die you can ask me questions later. Though that too is neither here nor there.

I have succeeded!!! I found the elusive strand thanks to that blood test of your's from when you were hired. That's how I figured who you are. Your blood was crawling with this strange DNA. The pattern is so simple, so pure. Evolution with all its complex turns and twist could never have hoped to produce this strand. It's taken all night but I managed to isolate the strand and produce a culture large enough for injection. I'll couldn't wait so even as I write I feel the injection spread through me. Everything is so clear to me now. Even that fact that I must die. Though, I have no fear for I can see in to the otherside. I see what you must have been staring at all your mortal life. How could you stand being so close Jim, and not be able to touch. If only I could have lived to tell the world...



Jim knew this was bound to happen, but how much more of a warning could he have given. For years he tried to get the stubborn old goat to look at the laws of God in a new light but failed. It was right there in front of him he had only read it. The second law,"Thou shall make no ingraven images or likeness of anything in heaven above...." God is smart though. He knew someday man would turn to science and search for him there. He knew someday that his seed in man would be found and isolated. He knew man would try to use his name to reach the level of gods. So he left them a warning in the third law. But leave it to men with their silly, clumsy writing to miss interpret a word. "Thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain." Anyone taking a straight injection of so pure and powerful a strand was doomed to die. If only Doc could have understood maybe Jim wouldn't have had to enter the last entry.


Entry 18250


I leave this warning once more to the men who would make themselves into gods. He who has ears to understand be blessed among man. The laws of Moses still hold true today in this the age of science. Know then that this man's death was not without merit. For any who would follow in his steps, BEWARNED. Here lies the smartest man to live. To smart for his own britches.



Jim then carefully lifted Doc's hand replacing the open journal to be found by one of the other researchers. With this done Jim went home. First, to brag to his father of his new witty parable. Second, to sit and listen to old Doc and his endless stories of yesterdays.