Laura's Dream

     Last night the clouds were touching the ground and a rainbow stretched out and upside down. A boxy Volvo with a funny little old man inside looking cute in a pink suit was sitting in the rear. I was invited in, "Come Misses Robbins I would like to show you your future."
    With the lofty even voice of one in complete control I replied, "Good sir I was brought up better than this. I can not and will not travel with a man, even the man of my dreams, with out first having his name."
    Smirking at some inner joke, at least as far as I perceived. The odd little man in his lavender suit now green chuckled out, "I fear I can not give you my name as you seem to have a very pretty one of your own. And, I would no less part with mine than a republican with his money, but for our mutual benefit you may call me Mr. Biv. Roy for short, as long as I may be so bold as to address so fair a lady by her first name."
    Now blushing how could I resist. How indeed but like this, "We shall see Mr. Biv." Almost under his breath I could swear he echoed those very words.
    "Mr. Biv," I started after entering the Volvo, "You said we shall see my future. How might I ask?"
    No longer smirking at his inner joke he flat out roared with laughter. So strong that the even a sturdy Volvo shook with glee, "How else but with our eyes? Or, Would you prefer that we try seeing your future by tasting all the food you shall eat in your life? I must warn you the last person to taste his future last tasted of death as he exploded when even his great girth could not hold all the food he would try."
    Without waiting for an answer his asked the driver to stop in ten years at the corner on the right.
    I'm afraid that is the last stop I can transcribe for you to read. It seems that this was the only corner and the only stop on the only street. What came after was an infinite blank, or so I thought at first. But even as I stood at this lonely corner I saw the road before me grow so that another corner was in place. A puzzled looked must have crossed my face for the little man chose now to speak, "You see before you your future. The roads you choose you build. The corners are choices and chances gone past. Though never going away they just get placed further behind. With a little work you can build a yellow brick road which takes you to the answers that you seek. Though if you sit to long the streets grow dull and narrow and begin to reek.
    Would you mind thinking of an ice cream shop I seem to have grown hungry? " With ice cream in hand the little man in a chocolate suit, to match the spill on his lapel, guided me back to the car.
    The driver brought me to my door. With the ice cream gone I briskly brushed the crumbs from my hands and thanked the little man for the trip. He simple nodded with that quirky smirk, waved and was gone.
    Well, I'm awake now. Funny though when I woke and looked out the window to the start of a new day. I could see but for an instance. I know you'll think me crazy. The road turned gold. Makes me wander if the end of a rainbow has a pot of gold or a golden corner.