My beliefs on how to form a world government.


I. Goverment structure

A. Presiding over the world's affairs will be a World Council.

1. Each country reguardless of popullation shall be allowed

three representitives to the council.

a. One member will be a scientist, one an economist,

one a sociologist.

b. Each member is allowed to have as large an

advisory group as it feal neccessary.

2. This will give each country three votes on any issue.

3. Each year a single country shall act as "Chairman" to

the council. The power of the chairman will be limited

to keeping order while a topic in discusion, recognizing

a council mebmber, and making sure that each side of an

issue is given equall time in discusion

4. It shall be the chief end of the world council to

promote peace and a world balance of trade. The coucil

is not to tell a country how it is to be ran politicly,

religiously or internally so long as the countries don't

appear to be violating the world peace or balance of


5. In cases of tie on any issue a second vote shall be

taken to confirm th standing of the delegates. If the

second vote breaks the tie this vote is taken as the

final vote. Should the the second vote be a tie The

chairman for the seccion shall be given the oppstion of

allowing one more days deliberation or casting a tie

breaking vote. If an extra day of deliberation is

chosen the folloing day will result in a third vote.

Should this third vote result in a tie as well the

chairman will then cast a tie breaking vote. As

chairman this is the only situation that a country may

have a delegate vote twice on an issue.


B. Representatives

1. Each rep. shall be required to be able to show proof

that said person is a qualiefied in their field and a

majority backing of the rep.'s country. Proof does not

have to be a college degree. Practical experience is to

be accepted as proof.This is not to descriminate but

rather to insure that the descision being made are not

just for political gain of a country but for the better

meant of the world.

2. Each rep. will be limited to a six year term. They

shall be further limited to two terms for the life of

the rep. Whither these two terms are allowed to be

consecutive on not is dependent of th rep's coutry.

3. How a rep. comes be the postion is left to the

discression of each individual coutry so long as they

are qualified. When no qualified person is left the

position may be filled the most quilified person nearest

to the field requiered for the position.

4. Under no surcumstance shall a country be allowed to have

more than the three alloted delegates as rep. to the council.

C. Economy and banking

1. A world bank shall be formed.

2. Currency shall be printed in a world format illustratin

the world's hemispheres' on the respective sides.

3. The money system shall be a base ten system.

4. The value of the currency shall be the bases of any

goverments economy. The money of all countries shall be

phased out over fives years to be replaced by the world


D. Inoder that the council may remain flexable and is not held

down with daily task to the point of not being able to perform

the major task and goals of the council, small group or boards

may be formed by the council to handle regulator and menial task.

Such groups must contain at least two reps. from the econmies

party, the sociologist party, and the scientist party. If the

any fraction of the thirds can not agree on a matter presented to

the such a group then the matter shall be brought to the council

for deiscusion and return to the board to be voted reworked.

Should a third of the group again disagree then the matter

returns to the board for a final vote by the entire coucncil.

E. Checks and Balnces will be maintained by a world court.

1. The court shall be made by commisioning Each countriest

highest courts to present thier ideas on how an idea judicial

system should be constructed and ran. The council shall then

decided on which system or parts of systems they feal will work

best. At least three complete plans shall be presented to the

council for voting. The plan recieving the highest number of

vote is then inacted.

2. It shall be the purpose of this court to decide the

legality of the laws and regulations passed by the counsil. It

is also the purpose of this court to try a country's goverment of

offense it has commited its people as described in IV.B. No

country shall be tried until 10% of its people present claim of

ofense or until formally charged by the council. And such

incedences a goverment is to be viewed innocent until proven


3. The only laws to be considered are those brought to the

council by a country which feel an injustices done to them by the


4. It shall also be the duty of the council to handle

greivences between two or more countries. In a sence the court

room shall be the world's verbal battle field.

II. Wars

A. Any country found building, buying, storing, harboring or in

any way affiliated with weapons of any sort not set forth as

legal by the world council shall pay finds on first offense and

there after be subject loss of land to council control for

appropriate use equal to the amount of distruction capable by

said weapons.


B. Any country found trying to use force, or start physical war

will be placed under the control of the world council or

destroyed reguardless of the population as perscibed by the world



C. An international army housed in neutral territory funded

perporsional to the population of a country. The army is

answerable only to the council and has the duel purpose of

policing world policy including the application of force where

deemed neccessary by the world council. Any attempt by a country

to use the army for personal intrest not athorized by the world

coucil will be viewed as a breach of part A. and B. and shall be

treated in like manner.


III. Enviroment and Exploration

A. First and formost shall be concern for the enviroment and

the continuing desire to have an clean safe enviroment for all

life the follows. Life is not to be limited in definition to

human life. All Plants and Animals are to be classified as

"life". The power to enforce laws concering the enviroment shall

be found in interpretation of I.A.5. The enforcement of

enviromental laws fall in the category of "balance of trade"

between all "life". Any failure to comply with laws made for

enviromental safety shall be viewd as an act of war against that

part of "life" view commonly as nature. As such it is physical

war and subject to laws concerning such acts.

B. Exploration in science is to be incourage in able to better

follow codes I.A.5 and III.A. Any exploration may open new forms

of trade and may also help the world to better understand is

enviroment and there by allowing better care of the enviroment.


IV. Rights of all "life"

A. All life is to be viewd as having the right to exsit

peacefully and in accordance with its enviroment. All life

is to be viewd as haveing certain right respective to it kingdom

in nature(ie plant or animal).

B. The formost right to all life is that it shall not be forced

into extinction by any intellegent form of life that does not

require the dying life for existence and then only when all other

oppsions have fail. To allow any for of life to be lead into

extinction must first pass a vote of the world council or and

organization set up by the council to handle such matters.

C. The ideas of life, liberty, and happiness shall be

concidered indowed to all form of life. This is not to day that

a country must be democratic. This simple means that in the

human segments of the enviroment all people should be given food,

shelter and clothing. The slavery, and "prisoners of war" or

"hostages" are not to be tolerated by any contry. To have any

slavery, hostages, or prisoners of war is to be considered an act

of war and treated as such by the council. Happiness is to be

maintained by the countries as the sociologist of a country view

happiness in their society.

D. All other forms of life are to be viewed as having these

rights as well. There right to have land in which to grow and

populate is to be protected at all cost. If the society of

humans start to encroach on the forest and/or land of the wild

life in such a way as to present hazard to the wild life then the

humans will be required to back off not remove the wildlife. If

it is the veiw of the council that a harmony between the two (ie

human society and the wildlife) can be reach then so be it,

provided that the agrrement allows no clause of "loop holes" by

which the human society can succed in damaging the wildlife.

E. If a country is in violation of the rights to life do to

economic reasons the world bank can loan money at the lowest

intrest rates to be found in any country, but no less that is

neccessary to maintain the integrety/functionalbility of the bank

If a country is in violation of its own accord discplinary action

are to be taken by the council.


V. Ammendments to the constitution:

A. Ammendment made to the constitution are passed provides

75% of the council agrees. If a majority of the council passes

the ammendmentbut not 75% then the ammendment is to be voted on

be the goverments of the world. Each goverment being allowed to

decide on the ammendment as it see fit.

B. List of made ammendments and how to inturpret them: