The Evolution of Religion: The Death of gods


 By, Allan E. Cano

Intro to Philosophy

November 26, 1994



The Evolution of Religion: The Death of gods

I. Define problem

          A. Give a proof defending Einstein's idea of the stages of religion
          B. Define religion
          C. State common misconception

II. Disprove gods and God

          A. Present the idea of a false belief when a belief is unjustified
          B. Show that God and gods are false beliefs

                   1. Take care of the modern monotheistic God

                   2. Take care of historic polytheistic gods

          C. By transitive properties if a religion is based in the belief of a false God then the religion is false or unjustified

III. Explain how belief in God or gods comes to be.

          A. Explain uncontrollable fears
          B. Defend against the need for a clause in the definition of religion requiring the existence of God or gods

IV. Defend that the stated stages of religion are real

          A. Historic polytheistic defense
          B. Transitional period
          C. Monotheistic defense
          D. Transitional Period
          E. Religion of Science

                   1. Show more than one practitioner
                   2. Show intellectual development
                   3. Show science has universal moral code with in its structure

                             a. Evolution versus Entropy
                             b. Define both and provide examples

V. Supply an initial explanation of life after death

          A. Explain how science would/can examine life after death
          B. Explain moral dilemma
          C. Provide thought experiment about the body and consciousness

VI. Conclude with a recap of what has been shown and what has been started.