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Who is Allan E Cano?

Graduate of Texas A&M, Class of '94. I currently work for Itrus Technologies, Inc.
This is me during the last semester of my senior year.

Projects, Hobby and other GUI (General User Information) stuff

Finding a masters project and the time to do it... (When and if I return to work on my masters)
Getting back to the shape I was in at 18... (More biking, roller blading, and simple sit-ups)
Finding a share ware C compiler for the Motorola 68HC11 (Left over from my under-grad senior project)
Working with the Westwood Presbyterian Youth Group.
Hiking, Climbing, Camping
Biking (Mt. and Street)
In general, enjoying life!

Things I've Written

Papers - Though I may have espoused some of the beliefs at one time or another I do not necessarily believe in them all now.
College Philosophy Papers
Short Stories From High School Through College